Home Energy Scotland is a free, impartial, and expert advice service, funded by the Scottish Government and managed by the Energy Saving Trust. There are five Home Energy Scotland advice centres across Scotland, so no one missed out across the whole of scotland.

The warm homes scotland scheme is a £5000 grant to help put in energy efficiency measures ( subject to eligibility), so it is only open to home owners and Private sector tenants now as I said this is subject to eligibility and if you click the link it shows you this and one of the benefits that you can qualify on is Carers Allowance



Energy Carer Support

We offer remote and face to face home visit ( covid restrictions dependant) support through our energy carer team, they can do such this as third party with energy supplier over issues with debt, payment plans, tariff and on occasion look at options to get debt cleared or reduced and a affordable payment plan in place, they can offer hand holding support if a customer is vulnerable and going through the warm home scotland scheme

Income maximisation, tariff support & Supplier switching

Making sure a customer knows how to check online if they are receiving the correct benefits, or making a referral to the DWP for a remote call/ face to face interaction to check this, £140 Warm homes discount available through certain energy suppliers we can refer or signpost to the correct department to make sure they receive this if eligible

Work shops – online, face to face, one to one appointment, drop in options

We host work shops a details menu is available attached to the email , energy in the home, Love food hate waste, we can do these online, and restrictions dependant we can offer face to face, we can come along and do drop in options by appointment, guest speaker slots.

Community Support, Funding

A lot of Orgs are applying for certain funding streams we can sometimes offer advice on this dependant on the application your making and even offer a letter of support so for instance the energy redress scheme is a big one Org can apply for an we have been instrumental in working in partnership along side these. Training on fuel poverty, heating systems and renewables is also an option for staff and community

Access to our online portal to refer

You can refer customers through our online portal we can set you up with your own ORG, log in and super and team users, this will allow you to run reports and look at data and we can also build you case studies.

Home Energy Scotland Referral Portal Leaflet


Free Workshops Leaflet